Dresel Driveway Mix

Do you have a wet driveway in the spring? Does the snow melt, and soggy springs make your driveway a muddy mess? Well the season in coming to a close, and you better get it done before the snow flies.

Dresel Contracting has switched its production to put up another pile of our Dresel Driveway Blend gravel. Please hurry, call us for price an availability as this product will go fast. (and you don't want to have another wet spring.)

Dresel Driveway Blend gravel is a high asphalt/ high millings content class 5 spec gravel. The millings in the gravel make it stick together and bind together much better then a natural class 5 gravel. Putting this down on your driveway will help reduce water washouts, washboarding or bumps in your driveway, and it will also help get rid of those soft spots in the spring.

This product is better then pure millings on your driveway for a few reasons. Pure millings are suseptable to pothole or flake out leaving you with road hazards.Unlike millings, Dresel Driveway mix is a consistent 3/4" minus blend, and with the added clay and rock the consistant blend with resist the pothole affects of pure millings.

Dresel Driveway Mix layed out on a driveway
Pefect for steep driveways prone to Washouts
Stockpile of Dresel Driveway Mix
Resists potholes and washouts
Picture of the wash plant in our Chisago City Facility